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Norwegian Chess: Mamedyarov defeats Anand by 2 points

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov defeats Vishy Anand by getting in two rounds to become the leader of the 2019 Altibox Norway Chess tournament.

Women's Candidates in 2019

Kazan, Russia gets to host the women’s candidates starting from 31st May, to 17th June 2019. The winner gets prize money of € 200,000 and the right to challenge Ju Wenjun the World Chess Champion to a match play.

Presently, Aleksandra Goryachkina leads with 4/5. Round six starts at 12 Noon UTC/14:00 CEST. We will be bringing you to live updates of the match.

ChessKid Games: Niemann-Wang Team Wins the First ChessKid Games

Niemann and Wang won the first ChessKid game. The duo scored 39 points out of 48 points to defeat their opponent with a margin of 7 points. All thanks to Niemann who, though suffered loss in the opening game, won his final 20 matchups.

The Duo defeated nine other teams and ten other invited juniors (aged <10) to become the first team to qualify for the 2020 Junior Speed Chess Championship.

Wang's prize includes a 3-hour lesson with US Chess Champion and 30 other top players.

FIDE announces Grand Swiss

Grand Swiss is a new tournament created by FIDE and the winner will go home with prize money of $70,000 and will qualify to be the next challenger of Magnus Carlsen in the next FIDE World Championship Match.

IOM international Chess Limited has won the bid to organise the Grand Swiss chess tournament which will be taking place at the Isle of Man from 10th October to 21st October 2019.

A press release with more details about Grand Swiss was released today. The details are as follow:

  • The tournament is officially named ‘FIDE Grand Swiss’ in recognition of the two biggest contributors to the tournament.

  • The tournament will feature 160 players of which:

    • 120 will be FIDE qualifiers including the world’s top 100 chess players chosen based on their average 12-month rating.

    • 40 participants chosen as wild cards allocated by Alan Ormsby, the tournament’s director.

    • 4 winners from online qualifiers.

  • The four selected winners are:

    • Junior Speed Chess Champion

    • Women’s Speed Chess Champion

    • Winner of the male category of the Isle of Man Qualifier on 10th July

    • Winner of the female category of the Isle of Man Qualifier on 10th July.

  • Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered for the four qualifiers from

Schedule of Match

Date Round Event
Oct-08 Arrival
Oct-09 Opening ceremony
Oct-10 Round 1
Oct-11 Round 2
Oct-12 Round 3
Oct-13 Round 4
Oct-14 Round 5
Oct-15 Round 6
Oct-16 Rest day
Oct-17 Round 7
Oct-18 Round 8
Oct-19 Round 9
Oct-20 Round 10
Oct-21 Round 11 Closing ceremony

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