We are open to new members irrespective of disability status, gender, race, colour, nationality and ethnicity. Our members have equal rights and privileges to all our programs, events and activities.

Our activities include:

  • Chess classes

  • Weekly tournaments

  • Summer chess camps

  • Simultaneous exhibitions

  • Garden parties

Our membership form can be purchased online at the following rate:

Resident: $50k per annum

Non-resident: $20k per annum

Senior Resident (>60 years): $120k per annum

Youth Resident (18-21): $22k

Scholastic (<18) $10k

New members are entitled to discount on all our events and activities. New members can also play in the club championship at the start of the year.


It is our duty to support all outstanding chess players irrespective of their age categories in ensuring that they attain championship level.

We go the extra mile in fishing for chess talents in schools and giving them the necessary tutelage and support in making sure they become professionals in the game of chess. We also offer scholarship and financial support to members who are in need of it.

In view of that, we welcome requests for establishing chess programs in schools and in the community centre.


We are not-for-profit oriented and our activities are aimed at funding our goal of using the chess game to make a tremendous improvement in our society and in the quality of human lives.

We are dedicated to ensuring that chess becomes an integral part of our society and to provide forums through which our community can get to play social chess and tournaments.

We also offer weekly classes and special lectures for beginner levels in chess and scholastic chess programs aimed at teaching school pupils and students special skills like critical thinking and problem-solving ability, goal setting, spatial consciousness, planning ahead, resilience, sportsmanship and the ability to be responsible for their actions.

Also, we are partnering with schools and community centres within our society with chess equipment and training. If we’re not yet in your school or community, you can reach out to us by sending us a request to join our scholastic program.

Our programs are tailored as a full-lesson class for in-school children. We also provide extra-curricular chess club for after-school children.

We welcome donations and contributions towards our chess programs for the betterment of our society and its future.

Contributions made towards our scholastic chess programs is a contribution made for the betterment of our future.

Your donations and contributions will go a long way in ensuring that every child on our scholastic program gets the maximum support needed in becoming a future star in the game of chess.

With your contributions, we intend to make the scholastic chess program accessible to more schools, pupils and students from all over the city and closer communities.

We thank you for your generous donation and support to our chess programs, we will continue to work hard to ensure that the society becomes a better place and its people a better people through the active support of chess in our society.